It's amazing how quickly we can forget the things we think we'll remember forever.


The magnitude of how tiny your baby really was in the first days of life. The soft tufts of hair. The itty-bitty skin flakes and delicate broken fingernails. The pursed lips and big yawns that accompany the most adorable coos and grunts. Those eyebrow raises as their tired eyeballs roll back in their head and their heavy lids shut.

The way your one-year-old smiles so big it looks like it hurts, and laughs for no reason at all, contagiously passing that joy to anyone in his presence.

The special bond that your children share.

The way your fiancé looks at you as if you're the most beautiful person in the world, overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift of your company and the exciting possibilities that await your lives spent together.

The way your husband holds you in his arms and brings back a flood of memories of years wrapped up in each other, supporting each other in the struggles and triumphs you've shared over time. 

Photographs help us remember when our memory can fail us. These are moments worth remembering, and sharing with future generations. I believe that photographs are one of our most prized possessions - one of the very few things that does not depreciate over time, but rather appreciates in value throughout the span of our lives, and beyond. They continue to tell our stories long after we've written the chapters.

I believe wholeheartedly in creating tangible art products from your session that will outlast digital file formats. I strive to capture images that you'll love and cherish, not only today, but for years to come.  I love to provide you with beautiful products to adorn the walls of your home, bookshelves, and coffee tables for your daily enjoyment, and to be passed on to future generations.

I offer fine art prints, keepsake print boxes, and heirloom quality albums. Inquire for additional information and pricing details.