It's amazing how quickly we can forget the things we think we'll remember forever.


There is magic in being able to capture fleeting moments that are gone in an instant and can not be recreated. Photographs transport you back in time, allowing you to revisit moments from a different perspective and helping you remember the tiniest of details when your memory alone can fail you. These are moments worth remembering, and sharing with future generations. I believe that photographs are one of our most prized possessions - one of the very few things that does not depreciate over time, but rather appreciates in value throughout the span of our lives, and beyond. They continue to tell our stories long after we've written the chapters.

Cassie Schott Photography_Products_Image Folio_Print Box.jpg
Cassie Schott Photography_Print Box.jpg

I believe wholeheartedly in creating tangible art products from your session that will outlast digital file formats. I strive to capture images that you'll love and cherish, not only today, but for years to come. Your images deserve to be displayed and held in your hands, not buried and lost amongst a sea of digital clutter. I love to provide you with beautiful heirloom quality products to adorn the walls of your home, bookshelves, and coffee tables for your daily enjoyment, and to be passed on to future generations.

I offer keepsake print boxes, heirloom albums, linen folios, and professional grade prints. Inquire for additional information and pricing details.